Monday, July 30, 2012

A little bit of Québécois tradition

Day 7. Man, one week has flown by already.. Today we went to Mario & Nicole's Sugar Shack about 45 mins away from my dads house. We got the chance to drive through the country side of Quebec. There were wheat and corn fields for miles and although the mountains weren't that big, they were big enough to make a beautiful backdrop.

day 7: The Sugar Shack!
We arrived to the sugar shack around 10:45-11:00 and got a total lesson on how they make their syrup. There's so much more that goes into it that we had originally thought. There are over 4,000 trees that they get their sap from and the syrup that they make is soooo clear! (the more clear that the syrup is, the higher grade it receives and the tastier it is! Aunt Jemima ain't got nothin' on their syrup! haha) After learning the how-to's it was time to eat! Nicole made a traditional meal that they would eat when they are at the cabin working away. Eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, ham, homemade baked beans and hashbrowns were on the menu for today and of course i had to pour some of their syrup on my sausages and bacon - yum! I love being able to see some
Québécois tradition!

Since it's obviously not winter and we're lacking snow, Nicole and Mario made a big block of ice for us to make Maple Toffee on. Its a tradition at Carnival *a carnival that they have here every winter* They boil the syrup to a certain temperature then pour it on the snow -or in our case, on the ice-, let it sit for a few seconds to harden and then you stick your spatula in and roll it to grab some. It was delish! Next, we made Maple Butter. My dad and france loooove that stuff. Its definitely for those with a sweet tooth :)

Québécois tradition!

After all that yummy syrup, we went a played a game of washers and spent some time in the sun. Its so neat to be able to do so many different things while we're here. We're so grateful for having such great tour guides ;)

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