Thursday, February 23, 2012

My dreams are coming true..

I get all of my emails on my iphone 24/7. Usually I get a slew of junk mail and tend to just delete them all before I even check who or where they are from. The other morning I woke up a bit early and decided to read through some before dragging my energy-deprived body out of bed. Thank god I did... I received an email from one of the editors of NAILS Magazine! I've been asked to do a nail tip for their Mothers Day feature in May's issue! My tip, a small write up, and a picture of me and my mummsie will be in NAILS Magazine! I'VE BEEN BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS SINCE I READ THE EMAIL! 

So now my challenge is to create the perfect tip, worthy of a magazine. Wish me luck.. 

-Hugs; tasha

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