Friday, February 3, 2012

Paying it Forward

So I signed onto Facebook this afternoon while between clients and received a notification from our Facebook Page: Shabby Chic Nail Studio from fellow social networking tech, Aimie (Posh Nail Designs) that she had an article that she wrote published in NAILS Magazine (congrats Aimie!) and that we were mentioned in it! So we hopped on over to the digital copy of the February 2012 edition (check out pages 50-51 for the article) and started frantically looking for Aimie's article.

"Nail Tech's Paying it Forward". Not something a lot of us do now a days.. I think Chivalry and Paying it Forward died hand in hand. Aimie talks about how nail techs from all over are now using social networking to 'pay it forward', how one person shared another tech's page, who then shared another tech's page then they shared our page and we shared Aimie's page and so on and so on. She talks about how by all of us putting the cattiness aside and actually empowering one another, sharing ideas and tips, and sharing our Facebook pages has helped us all accomplish what we want the most: for our work to be recognized and to be seen all over the world. We create art on a daily basis, and we just want it to be seen! We're 'paying it forward' for the love of nails! We love what we do and this lovely little social networking platform has given us all the chance to do just that: network. I get to see beautiful nail art from literally all across the globe 24-7. For someone who loves their career as much as I do, it just doesn't get much better than that.

While we're on the topic of Paying it Forward.. I was visiting my Nanny in the hospital the other night and only stayed for a short while. The minimum time you're able to purchase for a parking pass is 2.5 hrs. When I left there was still 1.5 hours left on my pass. Now, this is going to sound really silly but we've been watching this TV show lately that is based on a guy redeeming himself for all of the wrongs he's made in the past. Its about Karma and paying it forward to those he's hurt. As silly as the show can be, it has inspired my boyfriend and I to do small things for others and instil good karma on everyone. Back to the parking pass.. When I noticed I only had used an hour of the pass, I quickly whipped out my leopard print pen (!!!) and scribbled on the top "Paying it Forward :)", hopped out of my little car and stuck the pass to the parking meter for the next person to use. The parking pass only cost me $2.75 - big deal right? But the fact that I maybe helped someone else out even in the slightest really made me feel good. 

So here's my challenge to you, my darlings. Pay it Forward. No matter how big or small the gesture may be. Take that extra 5 minutes to talk to that person behind you in line, hold a door open for someone, smile at someone who looks like they need it (even if they don't smile back). The smallest thing could change someones day in the biggest way and I promise you, it's worth that little bit of extra effort.

-Hugs; tasha

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