Monday, January 30, 2012

Luxy Hair Extensions!

I've recently become quite obsessed with youtube (heres my channel: Natasha's YouTube Channel .. more videos coming super soon) and I stumbled upon a channel called LuxyHair 's YouTube Channel . These are two sisters who are now living in Canada and wanted to make extensions that were made of 100% Remi Hair, but that were still affordable for anyone to buy. Their whole channel is devoted to beauty, hair, makeup and fashion and I'm hooked! 

After drooling over their hair, video after video, I started to read the comments and I noticed that Leyla and Mimi *the lovely Luxy Sisters!* stated that they have their own line of extensions - I hurried on over to their website: and took a peek for myself. I instantly knew I needed to order a set of these beautiful locks. They come in two different sets - 120g (fine-medium) & 160g (medium-thick) and in 10 different shades! I kept putting it off and putting it off.. but finalllyyyyyy, I ordered them today!! I'm hoping to get them sometime this week - wear them a bit, then do a review on them! CANT WAIT, CANT WAIT, CANT WAIT!

-Hugs; tasha

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