Friday, January 20, 2012

A quick 'Hello' & Spring Trends

First of all - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This my first blog post!! Here's to hoping I dont procrastinate and jump ship too soon! I've got a lot to learn about the blogging world - I'm just doing this for fun and in the hopes that someone enjoys what I write *or ramble!* about. So on with the show.. Since it's a NEW YEAR and this is a NEW BLOG, I thought I'd blog about NEW TRENDS *see what I'm saying about the rambling?*

Whats hot this season?: Milky whites, golden honeys and soft pinks are what you should be donning on those digits this Spring. I know what youre thinking "pastels and neutrals are so last year" and yeah, you're right but THIS year my lovely nail fiend friends, is different. We jump from a beautiful Blushing Pink, to Deep Burgandy, Coral and even Chartreuse! And while all that is fine and dandy *and quite beautiful, too* the way to MY heart and to the hearts of many of our clients is - B L I N G! Bling, baby and lots of it! Harpers predicts some "fancy patterns" to grace the digits of gorgeous runway models this Spring - and by fancy, they mean rhinestones, glitter, foils, etc. But this season isnt about how much we can pile into each nail, its about perfecting the beauty that is the 'bling nail'.
Armani is spot on with this creamy beige. We know the stigma attached to neutral colours - boring, right? WRONG! Dress up your neutral nails with some black leopard print,
or flirty polka dots. Beige aint your grannys colour any more!
Chanel never disappoints. Check out this blush pink - flirtier than the beige,
but still soft enough to stay spot on trend.
This has to be my 2nd favorite trend for this season: OMBRE NAILS! Stars have been rocking Ombre hair *google it!* for a while now, but its time for our nails to finally get a taste of the ombre-action. Now there are 2 ways of doing these fab nails *that i've seen, at least.*:

1. choosing 5 shades of the same colour and applying from darkest-to-lightest/lightest-to-darkest. I love love LOVE this look and I can't wait to try it on myself *in acrylic of course!*
2. select at least 3 shades of the same colour: light, middle, and darkest shade. Blend all colours together to get the effect that the colours 'fade' into one another. Not my fav look, as its quite a bit harder to blend polish *for those who want to do this at home* than it is for us to blend gel or acrylic - plus I just really realllllllyyyy like the look of each individual colour.
FINALLY!! Last but definitely not least - BLING! Bling, bling and more bling! This model is sporting a feature nail, which many techs have been doing for ages already - finally some recognition! I can't get enough of the 'feature nail'. And while sometimes we can try to pile as much as we can into one tiny little nail, this season its all about perfecting the placement. A little organized chaos, if you will. But organization doesn't mean boring. Check out those rhinestones!

-Hugs; tasha

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